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The Energy Transition Hub brings together key players in the Australian and German energy and related sectors 

Partnership and engagement are essential elements of the Hub's activities. To effectively address the challenges and opportunities of energy transition, the Hub incorporates the perspectives, interests and needs of stakeholders from energy producers, policy-makers, regulators and researchers, through to end-users. This helps build a co-ordinated sector-wide approach to critical research to manage the energy transition.

It tackles the emerging and unresolved scientific and policy challenges of the energy transition in collaborative partnership and through ongoing dialogue with the energy sector and stakeholders affected by the energy transition.


How to get involved

The Hub is different from many research intiatives because its research agenda is shaped by an ongoing dialogue with its partners. We actively encourage energy stakeholders — industry, business, academic institutions, individual researchers, consumer groups — to get in contact to discuss partnership opportunities.



Universities and other research groups can become research collaborators on a project-level. If you are researcher and there is a Hub project that aligns with your research interests, get in touch. If you have an idea for a project and are seeking collaborators, get in touch. The Hub is open to all Australian and German research institutions.


Industry players, business and peak bodies can become partners on a project- or organisation-level. If you are part of a company that wants to take advantage of the opportunities of energy transition, get in touch. Our researchers are keen to discuss your research needs to develop a tailored research agenda that provides solutions to reaching a net-zero emissions future.


Community groups and not-for-profit organisations can be involved on a project-level by helping to steer research and by participating in data collection. Many Hub projects seek involvement from communities and stakeholder groups, especially in rural and regional areas. Our researchers are keen to understand local research needs and connect with stakeholders in a shared dialogue.


Local and state governments are key conduits to energy transformation. The Hub engages with governements at all levels across Australia and Germany to inform research and address critical policy questions for governments as their energy systems evolve and climate change targets are embedded in practice.


To get involved, complete the online form here and you will contacted for further information. Alternatively, you can contact our staff directly.




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