24 Jul 2019 09:00am to 03:00pm

Coal transition: power sector, regional adjustment and policy

Coal transition seminar series
Australian National University
The Hub's co-director at the Australian National University is Professor Frank Jotzo. Prof Jotzo is the inaugural director of the Centre for Climate Economics and Policy, a lead author of...
The University of Münster
Professor Andreas Löschel holds a chair for Energy and Resource Economics at the University of Münster and is Director of the Centre of Applied Economic Research Münster (CAWM) since 2014...
The University of Melbourne
Lars Coenen joined MSSI in January 2017 as the inaugural ‘City of Melbourne Chair of Resilient Cities’, an initiative between the City of Melbourne and University of Melbourne aimed at...
Australian National University
Andrew Macintosh is a leading environmental law and policy scholar and is the Associate Dean (Research) at the ANU College of Law. His research is cross-disciplinary, involving the application of...

Coal use will need to decline dramatically to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. In Australia, renewables are rapidly gaining in cost competitiveness with coal-fired power, and there is the prospect of structural decline in the market for thermal coal exports. This means challenges for power sector policy, and regional adjustment where coal plants close and activity in mining and transport of coal declines.

International experience provides increasing evidence that proactive, inclusive and orderly coal phase-out processes achieve better outcomes than reactive and unplanned approaches. This forum will hear and discuss the latest research and stakeholder perspectives on power sector developments and transformation in coal regions in Australia, and an update on Germany’s energy transition. It will provide an opportunity for discussion of policy and regulatory approaches and the role of business, unions and civil society in coal transition as well as priorities for future research, policy, and action.

This forum is convened by the Centre for Climate and Energy Policy at Crawford School, under the Energy Transition Research Hub.


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