19 Feb 2020 07:00pm to 08:30pm

A comprehensive guide to electric vehicles in Australia

Bryce Gaton
University of Melbourne
Bryce has been working in the EV sector for over 12 years. He began with building and maintaining converted EVs, and currently works part-time for Melbourne University’s School of Engineering as their EV safe work practice trainer/supervisor. He regularly writes on EV topics for Renew...

Bryce Gaton will present a layperson’s guide to understanding, choosing and buying an electric vehicle (EV) in Australia. The talk covers the basic technologies and systems that go into making modern day EVs plus the advantages, disadvantages and use cases for each technology. The talk then moves to detailing the current (and coming) Australian options for buying new and second-hand plug-in EVs, and finishes by showing how to evaluate which is the right one for your needs (or how long it might be till one that does hits our shores).


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