4 Dec 2017 01:00pm to 02:00pm

Energy Innovation: Birmingham & Beyond

Gavin Harper
University of Birmingham

The breadth of energy research at the Birmingham Energy Institute will be explored through a virtual whistle-stop tour. These include

'Doing Cold Smarter' - the Birmingham Policy Commission makes the case for smarter and more efficient cooling and refrigeration as well as a forthcoming policy commission on Critical Materials for Future Energy Technologies.

Recycling the rare earth magnets used in wind turbines, efficient electrical vehicles and generators and Lithium ion batteries which are fast becoming ubiquitous in electric vehicles and portable electronic devices.

The present policy commission on Regional Energy and Energy Innovation Zones.

The 'Tyseley Energy Park', a venture which aims to provide a showcase demonstrator for a range of energy technologies that are being developed at the University. The talk will culminate with a preview of the vision for Tyseley, which will draw together many of the technologies in a novel and innovative industry ecology.


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