13 Nov 2019 11:00am to 12:00pm

Energy innovation: Connecting research, policy and industry

James Seymour
James Seymour is CEO of the Centre for New Energy Technologies, “C4NET”. Leading energy research institutes, electricity businesses and market operators joined the Victorian Government to create C4NET as an independent member-based company. C4NET was established to support collaborative approaches between industry, academia and government...

With the energy transition well underway, innovative energy data use is underpinning a range of developments around the world. The seminar will explore some of the trends acting on the electricity industry, illustrate some global energy data use cases in point, discuss some of the local opportunities and explore some barriers and challenges to further adoption.

The seminar will also outline the role that the Victorian Government's 'Centre for New Technologies' (C4NET) is playing in bringing universities, policy-makers and industry together to prepare for the energy future.


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