18 Nov 2020 07:00pm to 09:30pm

The Solar Switch Off

Andrew Reddaway
Australian Energy Foundation
Andrew is a project coordinator at the Australian Energy Foundation, having previously worked at ATA/Renew and AEMO. His development of Sunulator will be a long-term legacy of note. His qualifications include solar installation training and a degree in mechanical engineering. Andrew has advised household-ers on...

Recent rooftop solar installations in South Australia can be remotely switched off by the operator of Australia’s main grid (AEMO), and other states are expected to follow suit over the next few years. No-one relishes the idea of Big Brother messing with their personal property, but it’s clear that such a system has become necessary, at least during exceptional events.

Solar is no longer alternative energy – it’s a mainstream, major contributor to our electricity supply. During sunny weekends with mild weather, SA’s rooftop solar generation will soon exceed the state’s demand, potentially causing a blackout. At such times, rooftop generation must be curtailed to avoid an over-supply.

In this presentation, Andrew Reddaway will explain why this “solar switch-off” is needed, how it works and implications for consumers.

After the meeting there will be a short Melbourne Branch Annual General Meeting, with a shout out for new committee members and ideas for future meetings - either webinar or face to face as restrictions are relaxed.


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