24 Feb 2020 11:00am to 12:00pm

Victorian Clean Technology Fund Seminar Series: The Potential of Demand Response

VCTF Seminar Series
Craig Memery
Public Interest Advocacy Centre
Craig Memery has represented energy users for the last decade, and now leads the Energy and Water Consumer Advocacy Program (EWCAP) at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre. EWCAP promotes access to affordable, sustainable energy and water for NSW households, through improvements in policy, regulation and...

As the level of renewable energy in our grid increases, flexible consumption is becoming more important. Industry offers one source of this flexibility. Manufacturers account for around a third of electricity consumption in Australia, and many have the ability to adjust their electricity use according to market conditions.

This seminar series will explore industrial-scale demand response:  what it means for industry; its potential to support the electricity system; and how can we fulfil this potential through technology and better regulation.

In the first seminar in this series, Craig Memery will provide a background on DR and its potential, an overview of what policy and regulatory changes are needed to optimise DR in energy systems and markets, and explain why an organisation representing household consumers is leading changes to facilitate more industrial DR in wholesale energy markets


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