The University of Melbourne

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The University of Melbourne (UoM) is a leading Australian research university, with research expenditure second only to that of the CSIRO, and the largest cohort of research students in Australia. The UoM is consistently ranked among the leading universities in the world and at the top in Australia The UoM’s Australian-German Climate and Energy College currently hosts a cohort of 25 PhD students with professional backgrounds having worked for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the fossil fuel industry, renewable energy think tanks, government and business sectors (Website: Attracting some of the strongest academic minds in Australia and Germany, research at the College cuts across disciplinary boundaries with the public sector, industry and the arts as well as various non-governmental organisations. With its seminars, and global interaction, the College brings the world’s leading experts in the field together with representatives of industry and governments. The parent institutes of the Climate & Energy College are the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI) and the Melbourne’s Energy Institute (MEI), who will be closely involved in the Energy Hub and bring discipline-based research strengths and engagement with stakeholders outside the University. The MSSI facilitates i) interdisciplinary research linkages on climate and sustainability challenges across the University of Melbourne; and ii) stakeholder engagement maximizing the impact of climate and sustainability research outputs with key government and industry decision makers. The MEI provides premier research linkages of over 150 researchers, across seven faculties at The University of Melbourne across the engineering, system modelling and innovation capabilities for energy demand, supply and transmission.


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