Dr. Evan Franklin


Dr Evan Franklin joined the Centre for Renewable Energy and Power Systems in 2017 as a Senior Lecturer in the School of Engineering. Evan joins the University of Tasmania after spending the last  15 years in the Research School of Engineering at The Australian National University, Canberra, where he retains an appointment as an honorary fellow. Evan has authored over 85 journal papers, conference papers and patents on silicon solar cells and on solar photovoltaic systems and their integration into the electric power system, and brings unique insights from his experiences working in industry and from his many current and past industrially sponsored research projects. His research interests include the development of processes suitable for industrial photovoltaic manufacturing of high efficiency solar cells, the integration of renewable energy generation into the power system and the role of energy storage in future energy systems. Evan has a PhD (2006) from The Australian National University and a BE (1996) from the University of Tasmania. Evan is a strong advocate for renewable energy and related technologies, engaging with community, industry and government to promote the crucial role they must play in supporting the transition to a clean energy system.


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