Dr. Marnie Shaw


Marnie Shaw is a Research Fellow in the School of Engineering and Research Leader in the Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program at the Australian National University. She is also the convenor of the Energy Efficiency research cluster at the ANU’s Energy Change Institute.

Dr Shaw's current research interests lie in applying data analytics and machine learning to a range of data-rich problems, including the integration of renewable energy into the electricity grid. At the ANU, she has been looking at how community energy models (e.g. shared battery systems) can support increasing amounts of renewable energy in the grid, reduce energy costs for consumers, and address important issues around energy equity.

In the field of human brain imaging, she was one of the early researchers in the field to apply multivariate analyses and machine learning techniques to study functional connectivity in the human brain (e.g. Shaw et al., 2002; Harrison et al., 2005; 2006a; 2006b).

More recent work has used longitudinal analysis to investigate how risk factors are related to brain ageing, based on MRI scans. For example, recently published work identified important differences in how the risk associated with body mass index (BMI) changes from midlife to later life (https://www.nature.com/articles/ijo2017254). The results suggest that it's particularly important for older adults to remain physically active to keep their muscles strong and maintain a stable BMI.

Her research experience has been highly interdisciplinary, covering physics, engineering, computer science, biomedical science, data analytics, psychology and neuroscience. She has worked in universities, hospitals and in industry, both here in Australia, as well as in the USA and in Germany.


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