Dr. Rebecca Colvin


Dr Rebecca Colvin is a social scientist and knowledge exchange specialist with the Climate Change Institute at ANU.

Bec’s research interest is in how groups of people interact with each other - especially in settings of social and political conflict - with regard to climate and environmental issues. Much of this work has a focus on the dynamics of formalised processes for including citizens and stakeholders in decision-making, and leverages on perspectives from social psychology to understand the complexities of people and process. Recent research projects have included the study of conflict about wind energy development, the psychological underpinnings of a constructive governance regime for negative emissions, the role of trust between climate researchers and policy-makers, and the relationship between aggregate public opinion and conflict in environmental messaging.

At the Climate Change Institute, Bec's role is to facilitate the strengthening of links between climate change researchers and end users of the research. Before joining the ANU Climate Change Institute in 2017, Bec undertook a PhD and lectured with The University of Queensland.

Bec is working with the Energy Transition Hub on questions around the governance of negative emissions technologies.

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