Dr. Robert Pietzcker


Robert Pietzcker is a post-doctoral researcher at PIK with a background in physics and economics. He is currently working on the challenge of integrating the variable renewable energies wind and solar in power systems, and the representation thereof in large-scale energy-economy-models.

In his PhD thesis he used hybrid energy-economy models to analyze two paramount building blocks of mitigation scenarios, namely the decarbonization of the transport sector and the integration of variable renewable energy into the power system on the example of photovoltaics and concentrating solar power (CSP). Further research interests include the representation of capital inertia in hybrid energy-economic models, the modeling of load management and storage, learning curves in energy models, and the effect of differing economic damage valuation on climate protection policies.

Robert Pietzcker joined the PIK Research Domain “Sustainable Solutions” as PhD student after working as a short-term consultant with McKinsey & Company. Previously, Robert studied physics at University of Freiburg as well as McGill University in Montreal, Canada, before graduating with a Diploma from University of Jena.


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