Mr. Salim Mazouz


Salim is an associate at Natural Capital Economics.  He has extensive experience in energy, environmental and climate change policy and economics as well as policy evaluation more broadly.

Salim has highly transferable economics skills and brings a strong understanding of analytical tools used in public policy and economics. He has used and managed the use of such tools (including CGE modelling and specialist bottom up models for forecasting as well as for cost benefit analysis) throughout his career. He blends this understanding of analytical tools with a deep appreciation for the importance of existing social, market and regulatory contexts to provide highly regarded advice.

Salim is also Director at the Canberra based Economics consultancy EcoPerspectives. Previously he was Associate Director (and Manager of the Canberra Office) with the energy market consulting firm McLennan Magasanik Associates (now part of Jacobs). Prior to this, he served as a member of the Secretariat to the then Prime Minister’s Task Group on Emissions Trading and held various Director level positions in the Australian public service, including with the Productivity Commission, the Australian Greenhouse Office, and the Department of the Environment.


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