Ms. Dani Alexander


Dani Alexander is a passionate advocate for promoting energy solutions for a sustainable future. Her experience in the energy sector is broad across policy, program management, governance and engagement, all towards promoting Australia’s transition to a low-carbon economy. Dani specialises in understanding the game-changing technologies that offer hope for globally sustainable energy. Her background is cross-disciplinary, between both the hard and social sciences, reflecting the nature of her work bridging the gap between new technology and existing markets. Dani has a working knowledge of a wide range of energy and enabling technologies, with a focus on distributed energy resources.

Dani is an experienced leader of major projects, bringing together partners across a diverse range of organisations including distribution network service providers, large corporations, research institutes and emerging start-up businesses. Prior to joining ISF, Dani worked across a wide range of clean-energy programs e.g. the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (including its bioenergy portfolio with a total value of over $20 million), the Second Generation Biofuels R&D Program, the Australian Solar Institute and the CCS Flagships Program.

Through her career, Dani has built expertise in facilitating diverse groups of stakeholders including business, the general public, technical specialists and policymakers. Stakeholder consultation and relationship management is a particular area of strength with her ability to instigate action across disparate interests towards a common goal. Dani is adept at a range of engagement formats, tailoring them for the desired outcome, including: leading focus groups and workshops; presenting seminars; and interviewing participants.


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