Economic and policy frameworks for transition to a low-carbon economy

In Progress

The transition to a low-carbon economy, like all large-scale industrial and resource transformations, is having important effects on the national economy, and particularly on local communities in regional areas. It is important that the micro and macro effects of moving to a low-carbon energy system are well understood. There is an imperative to develop policy frameworks able to ensure a smooth and prosperous transition to a low-carbon economy.

This project fills important gaps in our understanding of low-carbon energy transitions through empirical analysis, principally using econometric techniques, of data from Australia, Germany and other countries. The project also involves analysis and design of policies to capitalise on the opportunities available as we transition from emissions-intensive to low-carbon technologies.

The project involve a special focus on the challenges and opportunities from transitioning away from emissions from coal use. The project also contributes to the development of a transparent monitoring and evaluation process for Germany and Australia, led by WWU as part of the German project portfolio.


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