26 Sep 2018

Public Policy Strategies for Next-generation Vehicle Technologies: An Overview of Leading Markets

Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions

"Governments apply a range of policy instruments to promote the electrification of personal transport using technologies such as Plug-in Hybrid, Battery Electric, and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles. We introduce a framework for comparing public policies cross-nationally used to support the research, development, and deployment of electric vehicles. We use this framework to identify whether governments are using similar policy instruments to promote vehicle electrification in the period 2006-2016. We also examine the extent to which policy instruments are neutral across technologies, presenting country case studies for China, the United States, Japan, and, within the regulatory framework of the European Union, Germany, and France. We find that governments have largely adopted technology neutral policies and are employing similar policy mixes in promoting vehicle electrification, despite differences in governing institutions between the countries examined. We conclude by suggesting a future research agenda, including identifying plausible explanations for this outcome" (Bose Styczynski and Hughes 2018).


Bose Styczynski AB and Hughes L, “Public Policy Strategies for Next-generation Vehicle Technologies: An Overview of Leading Markets.” Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions (2018)



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