Professor Paul Webley


Paul has worked in development and management of clean energy technologies, especially carbon capture for the past 15 years in industry and academia. His principal research interest is clean energy technologies particularly gas separation, energy storage, and applications of thermodynamics to improve process efficiency. He works in the following fields:

  • CO 2 capture from flue gas and process streams
  • Natural gas and coal seam gas purification and CO 2, N 2 removal
  • O 2/N 2/Ar separation
  • Synthesis gas separation and hydrogen purification
  • Biogas purification
  • Hydrogen and methane storage

In the energy area, his interests include:

  • Applications of exergy analysis to improve energy generation and process industries including CO2 capture technologies
  • Use of irreversible thermodynamics to understand non-linear transport phenomena in energy production
  • Development of novel catalysts for CO 2 utilization technologies including DME synthesis
  • Solar thermal energy conversion and thermal energy storage materials



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