13 Nov 2018 06:00pm to 07:15pm

The transition to low-carbon energy is a national priority for both Australia and Germany. The technological changes underway can unlock economic advantages for energy-intensive industrial processes, mining operations, renewable energies and exporters to the benefit of businesses, consumers and communities. The deep changes in energy...

29 Oct 2018 06:30pm to 08:00pm

Jay Weatherill was Premier of South Australia from 2011 to 2018, establishing the state as the nation's clean energy leader, dramatically cutting the state's carbon emissions and opening new business opportunities.


Successful projects in the Victorian Government’s Renewable Energy Auction Scheme (VREAS) were announced on Tuesday 11 September, 2018. The VREAS supports the...

19 Sep 2018 11:00am to 12:00pm

In this Energy Transition Hub public lecture, Terry Teoh, Head of Engineering at SIMEC ZEN, will explain the fundamental drivers behind Australia’s emergence as the exciting, global playground for electricity system transformation. Energy storage of various kinds, and battery storage in particular, is a key...

In Progress

On the path toward a zero-emission economy, public information about emissions from the electricity, transport and other sectors is delayed, often by a year, and in developing countries at times by five years or longer.

This project provides a platform to communicate live trends...

15 Aug 2018 11:00am to 12:00pm

System stability is often quoted as being raised as an issue for the power system now that renewable energy is increasing.

Is this the case or is there a fundamental loss of power system control?

20 Jun 2018 07:00pm to 09:00pm

Moreland City Council is well know for being one of the more environmentally aware Councils in Melbourne. One of their current projects aims to use waste collection vehicles powered by 100% renewable hydrogen.

This event is co-hosted by the Alternative Technology Association

20 Sep 2017 07:00pm to 08:00pm

Audrey Zibelman, CEO, Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) will discuss the pivotal role that AEMO occupies in delivering energy security and reliability amid the energy transition and the work AEMO is doing in this regard, as well as touch on the Finkel recommendations.


24 Aug 2017 01:00pm to 02:00pm

During the 1970's, German coal production ceased to be competitve on the world market due to increasing production costs. Coal mining (along with steel production) was the main industry, especially in the Ruhr area of West Germany. To cushion the mass layoffs associated with the...


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